Pine Rivers Art Gallery, 5 May 2018 to 4 August 2018

The environmental story can swing from great wins to enormous challenges, trying to balance selfish with sustainable.

Tightrope negotiates the tension between consumer desires and responsible citizenship. Artists from across the region sift the multitude of attitudes about the environment and interpret them in new and unique ways using a diverse range of art forms including photography, sculpture, painting and textiles.

Tightrope is a group exhibition developed by Moreton Bay Regional Council.



This work promotes a narrative around the fragile ecosystem that calls a mangrove home. A tangled thicket of branches, roots and pneumatophores defining the confluence of salt water and fresh, land and sea, a mangrove is a nursery for the vulnerable, a habitat for the endangered. Threatened by an acid sea, a rising ocean and an obscenely rich nutrient runoff, as well as manmade development, the loss of this tough little forest also represents the loss of an important breeding ground, a sanctuary for the young, a home for numerous crustaceans, a water purifier, an important carbon bank, and an environmentally friendly barrier to the tidal swells and leisure craft waves. The dialogue this work seeks to nurture is one of finding innovative ways to adapt to the mangrove’s presence and an appreciation of its place in our ecological topography.


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