the C word

The Old Ambulance Station, 26 August to 24 September 2022


Culture, Crisis, Comfort, Confusion, Cloak, Concealment, Cocoon, C …

The C word has as many understandings as the individuals who encounter it. Kim Schoenberger takes this ambiguity and melds it into forms and structures that interrogate the societal stasis wrought by a global phenomenon.

In reflection on our contemporary zeitgeist, the C word investigates the prominence of remembered fears, anxieties, and recurring motifs that surface when faced with uncertainty. Rather than avoid the power of these emotive forces, Schoenberger embraces this energy and unpacks the challenges, opening an experience that juxtaposes imagery with a personal understanding of our current disposition. The intangible becomes tangible, artefacts provoke a visual collocation for the audience, what we define as ugly, disturbing, or uncomfortable speaks to us with a new voice and as a vehicle of discovery.

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