MindMe Exhibition

Old Ambulance Station, Nambour, 14 November 2021 to 22 January 2022

MindMe is an exhibition focused on mental health and the arts. It aims to explore the healing power of art for artists and for those we connect with through art making.

MindMe is a group exhibition curated by John Waldron.


Schoenberger’s search for meaning explores concepts of the Self, psychology and psychoanalysis, often discovering subliminal symbolism and archetypes that transcend the subject matter. Having lived with her own mental health issues, Schoenberger has found a catharsis and succour in the creative process often using installation as an experiential environment to stimulate participation and engagement with her audience.

SHE explores the threshold between the physiological and the psychological with a certainty that has accumulated through lived familiarity. The visceral statement of the heart is eroded by a persistent flow of Significant Human Experiences including the mental, spiritual, and physical confrontations of life. The utilisation of materials that evoke memories of meaning, healing and warmth is recognition of the rituals that connect the Self and loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers. The work not only immerses an audience within a collage of emotional deterioration but simultaneously celebrates processes of recovery.

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