Insight: Journeys in Steel and Clay

Gympie Regional Gallery, 14 August 2013 to 7 September 2013


Insight: Journerys in Steel and Clay, uniquely provides a framework from which Schoenberger is seen to deconstruct her observation of conscious gratitude and subliminal hope with skilful dexterity, through exquisitely constructed three-dimensional creations fashioned from reclaimed steel and hand-sculpted ceramics.

Influenced by ancient Eastern philosophy, Schoenberger strives to unlock and understand the truths of existence in creating her pieces, giving them a voice so as to not only tell their own story, but hers in addition, becoming signposts in a conversation of self-discovery.

The markings of Schoenberger’s journey can be seen in the various symbols used throughout her works, and the very nature of the way her assemblages are organically composed, taking form piece by piece as the materials come into Schoenberger’s possession, exuding an energy which draws them to her as they long for their metamorphosis at her hands.

Bravely Schoenberger is seen to ask intelligent questions, and to pose answers with a sincere viewpoint that comes poignantly from the suspension of time in the present moment, where the shakles of a confined reality are absolved (insight).  In this way, Schoenberger’s works delve into an authentic narrative surrounding trust and surrender, toying with the concept of youthful ideals and the juxaposing experiences of the aging soul, emancipating the subconscious on its passage through life.

The dichotomy of young dreams and bare reality is explored in the dichotomy of the materials: the clay and the steel – the yin and the yang.  The solidness of the steel is softened by its ‘found’ nature and textured by corrosive ageing, while the pliable fragile clay has been melded into a hardened core by the extreme temperatures of experience, yet still encapsulates a delicate contrast.

The clay ‘bone’ present in most of Schoenberger’s pieces exuces a strength emblematic perhaps of an inner core – the essence of our being that will never cease to dwell, whilst the house tenders a structure of substance, arguably depicting the spirit incarnate or a resting place.

The windows and doorways of the works further extend such imagery, offering a physical space where the internal and external worlds collide, and as such, alluding to a light of immaterial truth, denoting movement from everyday consciousness to the transcendent.  Secret keys placed strategically amongst the works create an added dimension, as if unlocking and releasing the longings of the psyche in the attainment of wholesome liberation.

Each piece tells a different story, the version changing to entwine itself with its master of that moment.

Insight: Journeys in Steel and Clay not only explores Schoenberger’s footprint in life, but also plays an important part in the story of our time in its challenge of the modern mindset, where materialistic possessions emphasis on the outward appearance have left many unfilfulled and psychologically malnourished.  Schoenberger deftly takes the discussion to a new level through her works, encouraging a return to base and a nurturing of all that truly matters.


A six page catalogue is available upon request


 This project has been supported through the commumity grants program.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Australian Marine Windows and Caloundra Waterjet Cutting for sponsorship.





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