Deconstruction Reconstruction Journey of Intensity

Studio 4 Gallery, Marcoola

“A free spirit”

Described by her peers and elders as a “delightful mix of talent and determination who teachers and mentors are inspired by”, “an exciting young artist”, “a delight to work with”, and as the creator of art that is instantly engaging with an originality and immediacy”, Kim Schoenberger is a woman of depth and passion channeling her raw creative energy in order to express and reflect life through different art forms.  With a strong connection to the earth, Kim believes in the universe’s guiding hand in life’s journey and she harnessess this power to breathe through her art.

Recognised for her ‘Unearthed’ ceramic works, one is struck with a sense of history and archaeology by this collection.  In the series, Kim has a natural affinity in the medium of clay and explores this gloriously with a strong appreciation for its strong and continuing connection with the earth.  Kim explores ancient shapes, vessels, functional forms and detailed carved decoration in the work, and is heavily influenced from the Minoan period.

In Kims’ more recent series of works – ‘Discarded’ the accent is somewhat lighter, consisting of a more playful reflection of her thoughts.  Her fascinating three-dimensional assemblages are made of materials of old to project Kim’s interpretation of the exploration of re-birth and cultural evolution, passing commentary on our 21st century’s ‘throw away’ consumer society where  items are discarded without a thought for the memories and energy left in them.  Kim brings them back to life however in a new form, much like a reincarnation, and the result is truly magnificent.

Jessica Jane Sammut, freelance writer.

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